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Our Story

Two friends meet at a bar (La Rev in The Junction, Toronto) and enjoy a concert by Denielle Bassels. Being a music enthusiast, part-time musician and DJ, Lorenzo diGianFelice asks Jaymz Bee many questions about the music business.  After a long explanation about the trials and tribulations of musicians and getting a record made, a plan was quickly hatched to create an album to promote local talent. While in the studio the concept is further hatched… Lorenzo was ready to go all-in and form a record label. 


When thinking about a title for the label, Bee immediately thought of Hawaii and its palm trees, waterfalls and volcanos. Then he recalled writing a paper in school about Vesuvius, the most dangerous volcano in the world, as it is close to three million Italians and is the only volcano in the European mainland to have erupted in the past 100 years. He suggested the name to Lorenzo, who recalled staring at Vesuvius for many years as a youth. 


Lorenzo sez: 

Vesuvius Music was named and inspired by that majestic towering active volcano which is the backdrop to Naples, Italy.  The volcano is massive, strong and unpredictably explosive.  Yet at same time this giant is soft and wraps the city in its arms and faces the ocean winds.


Jaymz sez:

At first we didn’t know if we’d be doing all kinds of music, or just focus on The Tiki Collective. While it’s strange to name a “tiki” label after an Italian volcano, it’s equally strange to have a large group of Canadians making music for lovers of palm trees. Once we began working with other artists we realized it was a blessing that we had a generic name that didn’t just apply to a Tiki vibe.





Lorenzo began his music career at an early age teaching himself to play guitar, drums and piano by the age of 12. His passion for music continued as he was a member of 3 bands during his school years. He eventually became one of Toronto’s top street and club DJs having spun at famous venues such as The Diamond Club, Nuts and Bolts, The Copa, and many others. His contemporaries at the time included DJs Jason Steel and Chris Sheppard. During this period his focus turned to recording and music production.   


After graduating from University, Lorenzo entered into the business world on a more traditional path. Graduating top of his class in Applied Geography, Lorenzo entered the real estate market as a commercial property appraiser. He then obtained his sales license and by 2008 created his own Brokerage firm. He is now one of the top Commercial Brokers in the city with many awards to his name.


In 2017, Lorenzo re-ignited has passion for music and teamed up with Jaymz Bee to produced their first CD entitled MUSE and soon after began working with Lou Pomanti and John Finley on the album SOUL SINGER.

President & Owner - Vesuvius Music

Phone: 1-416-417-9098

Email:  lorenzo at vesuviusmusic dot com



Jaymz Bee is a Canadian broadcaster, entertainer, musician, writer, publisher, promoter and producer. He currently works at JAZZ.FM91 as an on-air host and is entertainment director of The Jazz Bistro. Over the past few decades Bee has worn many hats including: night club owner, art gallery curator, commercial and music director, special events coordinator and best-selling author.


Jaymz has worked for most Canadian TV networks and many radio stations including CBC, Global, City TV, and Bravo (to name just a few). While specializing in jazz, Bee remains involved in all styles of music and other forms of entertainment. He has been producer, emcee and/or entertainment director for private events for companies such as The Canadian National Ballet, The Canadian Opera Company, Smirnoff, Gillette and Famous Players.


Bee has been Music Director for CBC’s “Friday Night with Ralph Benmergui” as well as dozens of award shows and television programs including The Gemini Awards, The CMW Awards and The NHL Awards. Jaymz was also MD for Mark Breslin's New Year's Eve Comedy Extravaganza at Massey Hall for over a decade. Bee decided at the age of 42 that he would spend half of his time promoting others and half making his own art and music. Thanks to Vesuvius, he’s upped that to 70% of his time putting out music and producing shows for other people.

Vesuvius Music was named and inspired by that majestic towering active volcano which is the backdrop to Naples, Italy.  The volcano is massive, strong and unpredictably explosive, yet this giant is also soft and wraps the city in its arms and faces the ocean’s winds. Vesuvius was born out of our passion for music and desire to have a home where new artists can flourish and develop their skills.  The company is involved in all forms of music production, management, marketing and artist development in a laid back, no pressure style.  Vesuvius Music is an independant Canadian label and production company committed to lifting the careers of exceptional talent and we'll have fun while doing it with you - our friends! Vesuvius Music wants to shine up those diamonds in the rough, to glow with the brilliance of a 1,000 suns! Please contact us to join us on this most exciting journey. ~ Lorenzo

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