What we do...  
And what you can do!

Vesuvius Music is where philanthropy, business and music meet! Join in the fun with us and sponsor or invest in one of the many deserving artists in our collective. Whether its jazz, soul, funk, blues, exotica or pop we can match you with a wonderful project just waiting to happen... Let's make music together. It's more important than ever! 

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Vesuvius Music works on a unique business model. If you would like to make a donation of any amount to a specific project we will be happy to help you find it. If you would like to be an investor, and potentially see returns we ask that you start at $5,000.00, and we will match you with the right project for you. 

VMI has a growing pre-approved roster of musicians and artists for your consideration. Some are up and coming artists and some are already rising stars who are open to doing a one-off single and video for what we're calling "The DiMedici Project". 

Whether you are an investor or donor you will have an Associate Producer credit on the recording and you will also have the option of joining the artist in the studio remotely via Zoom and watch the entire process. And certainly, when the time comes, you will have access to the VMI showcase as our guest.  

Take a look at the Vesuvius Music Family and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to work with you on something special!

Avery Raquel (Vocals)

Barbra Lica (Vocals)

Billy Newton-Davis (Vocals)

Caity Gyorgy (Vocals)

Chadwick Barley (Vocals)

Genevieve Marentette (Vocals)

Heather Luckhart (Vocals)

Irene Torres (Vocals)

Jackie Richardson (Vocals)

Jay Douglas (Vocals)

Jaymz Bee (Vocals)

Jessica Lalonde (Vocals)

Jocelyn Barth (Vocals)

John Finley (Vocals)

June Garber (Vocals)

Lily Frost (Vocals)

Mingjia Chen (Vocals)

Queen Pepper (Vocals)


Alison Young (Saxophone)

Bill McBirnie (Flute)

Drew Jurecka (Strings)

Eric St-Laurent (Guitar)

Ernie Tollar (Saxophone)

George Koller (Bass & Vocals)

Great Bob Scott (Drums)

Jono Grant (Multi-Instrumentalist)

Michael Davidson (Vibraphone)

Richard Underhill (Saxophone)

Ted Quinlan (Guitar)